Flying Hooks Design Bos and Couvée by Goods


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Flying Hooks Design Bos and Couvée by Goods

The Flying Hooks a design by Bos and Couvée. It is a coat hanger consisting of hangers shaped like a vertebra. This shape ensures that coats are hung perfectly on these rubber ‘hooks’. This hallway eye catcher is attached to a ceiling rose and every steel wire is 200 cm long. This way, every individual hanger can be adjusted to the preferred height. After all, it is convenient for children when they can reach the coat rack with ease. Also, it is possible to create a nice and playful effect by assembling the Hooks on different heights.

Delivery time

The delivery time of the Flying Hooks is 2-3 days, it is a stock item. The Flying Hooks are produced in The Netherlands.


– Single Flying Hook (H 3,5 x 11,5 cm)
– Set of 4 Flying Hooks and RVS ceiling rose (18 x 18 cm)
– Set of 9 Flying Hooks and RVS ceiling rose (29 x 29 cm)

Bos en Couvée

Ariëtte Bos and Tom Couvée founded the Rotterdam-based industrial design firm Bos & Couveé in 1992. The studio is known for its creativity, ingenuity and pursuit of perfection. With design as the fundamental idea, crafty products are created in a beautiful workshop with great facilities. Apart from industrial design, the studio also focuses on model making and the development of prototypes. Due to this expertise, products can be developed from a concept or a simple idea to a working and functional product. The design duo also passes this particular knowledge on to students, through workshops and courses at academies and schools.

Bos en Couvée also put a lot of energy in educational projects. They helped develop a variety of projects in collaboration with different art foundations in the Netherlands. The results have been produced on a small scale. These projects range from elementary schools to high schools as well as projects for schools in refugee centres to teach people Dutch, among other things. The main goal of all these projects and mobile expositions is to teach, participate, and experience art, culture and fun facts. Another goal of the educational projects is to develop new skills and insights through co-creation and collaboration with a wide selection of people.


The Flying Hooks are distributed by Goods  a brand founded in 1995, inspired by the human being’s ancient custom of gift-giving. Nowadays, the collection consists of prominent home accessories and small furniture by Dutch designers. These designers are both internationally acclaimed and young talents. Products from Goods are widely available in international museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Iceland Design Centre.

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