Dip Vase Design Robert Bronwasser by Goods

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Dip Vase Design Robert Bronwasser by Goods

The Dip Vase is designed by Robert Bronwasser, it is after a short absence, back in the Goods collection. This vase with its organic shape appears to be made of porcelain, but is made of unbreakable vinyl. This updated version is more robust than the previous version. Dip is a decorative vase where you can beautifully arrange your flowers, but which is also a beautiful object without flowers. Available only in white. Dimensions are 18.5 cm h. x 16 cm x 16 cm. This design classic is an ideal gift for design lovers.

Delivery and production

The Dip Vase is a stock item, you can receive it in 1 or 2 days. The Dip vase is produced in the Netherlands.

Robert Bronwasser

As an architect’s son, Robert Bronwasser (1968) grew up in a creative family. In 1992, he graduated cum laude as an industrial designer from Delft University of Technology with a project for Philips Design. As a student, Bronwasser started his own design studio, which was renamed SMOOL in 2002. SMOOL is located in Amsterdam at a gorgeous location near the IJ lake. This design studio prides itself in a personal approach and is dominated by Bronwasser’s vision of commercial product design. With a combination of creativity, many years of experience and knowledge of production processes, he develops a constant flow of successful products.

Bronwasser works closely with different design experts, creatinga creative cross-pollination and focused collaboration in large-scale multidisciplinary design products. These products are user-friendly above anything, but they are also simple, logical and easy to use. Bronwasser is very passionate about his designs. He is happiest when he can share his products with a large audience and when his designs bring about a smile when used. The many awards which Bronwasser has already won (such as IF Awards, the Red Dot Award and GIO Awards) and the many exhibitions which featured his products testify that the latter is definitely the case.

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