Pinch Card holder Design Jos van der Meulen by Goods

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Pinch Card Holder Design Jos van der Meulen by Goods

The Pinch Card Holder is designed by Jos van der Meulen, he likes to create new things from existing materials. You can use the Pinch to present cards or to clamp images. The wood used for the Pinch comes from the American cherry. However, this imported shrub turned out to be a pest, which is why efforts have been made for years to get it out of our dutch nature again. Jos van der Meulen regularly goes out with rangers to collect the wood from the American cherry and then manually cuts the Pinch from the leftover wood to give the harvested material a new life.

Delivery and Size

The Pinch is a stock product so delivery time is 1-2 days, de size is about 30 cm. The Pinch is produced in the Netherlands by Jos van der Meulen.

Jos van der Meulen

Jos van der Meulen likes to create new things from everyday objects. He has become wellknown as the inventor of wonderful consumer articles by giving new functions to discarded items. The Paperbag Classic is a great example of his skils. Jos van der Meulen likes to make ordinary things special. The idea behind many of his products is therefore to work with what the environment offers. In addition, he searches for the quality of a material and use it in a new application.

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