Random Stool Design Bertjan Pot by Goods

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Random Stool Design Bertjan Pot by Goods

The Random Stool is designed by Bertjan Pot for the Dutch Designlabel Goods. It is a light and transparent stool. The stool is built from long thin carbon strips that are soaked in epoxy resin and then spun around a mold manually and at random. The result is a unique stool that forms a self-supporting construction once the resin has cured. The stool is 40 cm deep, 40 cm high and 40 cm wide and only comes in carbon black. The Random can be used not only as a stool but also as a footrest with the Random Chair.

Production and Delivery

The Random Stool is produced in the Netherlands, when out of stock the delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Bertjan Pot

Bertjan Pot graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1998. Most of Pot’s designs are based on experiments with materials, both old and new. Experiments often start by a curiosity as to how things work exactly. From those ideas, together with producers, Pot examines the possibilities to push the boundaries a bit and develop truly new products. The reward for every challenge is therefore a new challenge. Pot became renowned for his Carbon Chair design, a collaboration with Marcel Wanders. This chair has been added to the New York MoMa permanent collection. The Random Chair and Stool, both in our collection, are based on the Carbon Chair. Since 2012, Pot has been working for many national and international labels and designers.


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