Mirror mirror Design Joop Steenkamer by Goods


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Mirror mirror Design Joop Steenkamer by Goods

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all? This mirror tells you. This compliment mirror design by Joop Steenkamer jr. Is full of compliments that tell you how beautiful you are and how good you look. It starts with “Oh, how beautiful you are. What are you charming. You look dazzling. Fantastic! You are so incredibly attractive. I think you are amazing, simply amazing. You are exceptionally beautiful ”And these are just the first 2 of a total of 36 sentences. The mirror is available in two sizes, the small of 30 cm x 30 cm or the large of 45 cm x 45 cm. In addition to the Dutch version, there is also an English, a French, a German, a Japanese and an Italian version. This Mirror is the ideal gift for when you want to give someone a nice compliment. The mirror mirror is produced in europe.

Joop Steenkamer

The mirror was designed in 2002 by Rotterdam-based designer Joop Steenkamer jr. After his studies in Delft, he started the Steenkamer Design agency, which focuses on devising and supervising product ideas up to and including production. Steenkamer’s motto is: “A problem can sometimes be solved by a product. By developing the product idea into a product, and ensuring that it is for sale to users, the problem is solved for (preferably as many as possible) people ”.


This Mirror is a Goods product, Goods is a Dutch Design label for lovers of beauty of products and the stories they created. The collection includes products from famous Dutch designers such as Robert Bronwasser, Roderick Vos, Chris Slutter, Joop Steenkamer Jr., Tom Haas and Marcel Wanders. A starting point for young designers, Goods has grown into a label that stands for quality and affordable design products that you would like to receive orlike to give.



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