Crushed Glass set of 6 Design Rob Brandt by Goods

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Crushed Glass set of 6 Design Rob Brandt by Goods

The Crushed Glass Design Rob Brandt for the Dutch Designlabel Goods. The design of the Crushed Glass is based on the famous Crushed Cup. Because not everyone likes ceramic, Rob Brandt designed a glass version of the Crushed Cup XL. The glass certainly is a beautiful piece for your Crushed collection. The Crushed Glass is made of recycled glass which gives the glass a greenish look. There are 6 glases in the set.

Size: 10,5 x Ø 8,5 cm

Rob Brandt

Rob Brandt graduated in 1973 from the St Joost Academy of Visual Arts in Breda, the Netherlands. His work is a balancing act between serious art and kitsch. He makes use of widely-known images from society, playing with clichés, picking out the aspects he finds important at that moment, to construct an image. In his search for the meaning of beauty, Brandt shows an unprecedented talent for connecting daily items with new innovations. Apart from consumer products, Brandt also designs free-standing statues and art works. He also participated in several exhibitions, about his own work or as part of a bigger unity.

Brandt’s work has also been added to a variety of permanent museum collections, such as the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the Frans Hals Museum, also in the Netherlands. His work is also popular among private collectors. His most well-known design is the Crushed Cup, which we added to our collections. Similar to the Crushed Cup, Brandt designed the Crushed Glass and Crushed Vase. These designs are also proudly part of our collection. The Crushed Cup is still manufactured by Brandt himself in his backyard, to ensure its high quality and perfect finish. The process is so delicate that it took the designer decades to master the craftsmanship for this particular product.

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