Table Talk Trivet Design Nel Linssen by Goods


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Table Talk Trivet Design Nel Linssen by Goods

The TableTalk is more than a simple trivet. The sixteen synthetic discs are flexible and connected to each other invisibly. As a result, the TableTalk can accommodate several stockpots and saucepans in different sizes. Best of all: you will only need one trivet to do so. Designer Nel Linssen describes the TableTalk as a practical product, which it certainly is. Thanks to its originality and the possibility to experiment with different shapes, the TableTalk is an entertaining, playful product and a true conversation piece when you host guests for dinner. The discs are heat resistant (up to 220°C/420°F)

Size and Delivery

The Table Talk is available in the colours red/white, green/white, blue/white, black/white and grey/white. The diameter of one disc is 4.4 cm. Table Talk is a stock item, you can receive it in 2 -3 days.

Nel Linssen

Nel Linssen (1935 – 2016) graduated Art School in Arnhem in 1956 and became renowned as a designer of paper jewelry. For thirty years, she has constantly been trying to unravel logical constructions, and is inspired by the rhythms and structures of the botanical world. In the development of her ideas, she mostly uses paper to express herself, which is a logical choice: as a material, paper has many qualities that are useful for her work. Years of experience with materials and using both her head and heart, and by thinking and doing, her designs have become refined in every aspect. For this reason, her work comes across as delicate, real and honest.

Research for new designs is almost always incidental. When Linssen is impressed with a certain shape or sort of material, she tries to find interaction between thinking and doing, in order to arrive at a usable concept. Finding appropriate technical solutions is also an important challenge for Linssen, something which clearly succeeded with for example the TableTalk, her design for a changeable trivet which has been added to our collection. Because Linssen’s designs have such strong imagery which can easily be recognised, her work can be found in many international permanent museum collections as well as exhibitions.

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