Double Vase Design Willem Noyons for Goods

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Double Vase Design Willem Noyons for Goods

The Double Vase is a design by Willem Noyons for the Dutch Designlabel Goods. It is a  mouthblown vase made of crystal glass which consists of two parts. Because of these separate parts, the vase has three uses. The bottom part can hold water and can be used independently. The upper part can be placed on the lower part in two ways. This way, the vase can be used for a bouquet of flowers or for one single flower.  The Double Vase has been added to several museum collections in the Netherlands.

Size and Delivery

The size of the double vase is 28 cm high and the diamater is 14 cm, it is a stock item and you can receive it witin 2 to 3 working days.

Willem Noyons

Willem Noyons (1956) has been a designer and artist since 1982. His studio in Utrecht, the Netherlands designs and produces graphic and dimensional work. The studio partners with many inspiring clients. Clear design, carefully chosen materials, surprising ideas, a conceptual approach and a realistic budget are the essence of Noyons’ work and his studio. In 2007, he created a retrospective exhibition for his father’s work, Jan Noyons (1918-1982) in the Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Noyons comes from a family of jewellers and his father was a well-known silversmith and artist. From a young age, Noyons has been inspired on a design level.


The Double Vase is produced by Goods  a brand founded in 1995, inspired by the human being’s ancient custom of gift-giving. Nowadays, the collection consists of prominent home accessories and small furniture by Dutch designers. These designers are both internationally acclaimed and young talents. Products from Goods are widely available in international museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Iceland Design Centre.

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